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Granite Bay Graphic Design Original Sun, Moon and Star Drawing for Melanie Rose

About the Sun, Moon and Star Logo

My graphic design business was originally called “Paul Kazmercyk Graphic Design” (clever, I know). When we moved from New Haven to Branford, I kept the name for awhile. Then at some point, I decided an overhaul was due, but I didn’t really know what to call myself. A neighbor suggested something with “Granite Bay” which is the section of Short Beach in Branford where we live. That seemed like a perfect name, and so “Granite Bay Design” was born.

We had our first daughter, Melanie Rose in 1988. When Melanie was learning words, I remember sitting with her on my lap at my office desk and making a sketch of the sun, moon and stars, and getting her to pronounce each word. I don’t remember when I decided to use that sketch as my logo. Originally each element was a primary color and a printer I knew, made an embossing die in those shapes and I had my first set of business cards with the new name and logo.

I probably used that logo for a good twenty years before switching to icons—this time of a star, sun and waves. The sun doubled nicely as a gear and I used that for a couple of sections of my website where I have tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

The original sketch survives to this day and is pinned to the bulletin board in my office.

Melanie Rose Kazmercyk Granite Bay Graphic Design Sun Moon and Star Sketch on Office Bulletin Board

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