About the Artist, Co Spinhoven

Celtic Stencil by Co Spinhoven on Granite Bay Graphic Design


This collection gathers together 130 remarkable stencil designs derived from the Book of Kells and other early medieval Celtic sources. Dutch artist and designer Co Spinhoven has adapted the magnificently dramatic patterns and symbols of Celtic manuscripts to the technical requirements of stencil painting, in the process highlighting the power and formal beauty of these often highly elaborate masterpieces. The same designs that have evoked awe and wonder for a thousand years can now find use in textile, wallpaper and graphic design and in a wide range of crafts and commercial art applications.

In the pages of this book you will discover birds, beasts, fish, the winged apocalyptic emblems of the Evangelists (the man/angel of Matthew, the lion of Mark, the ox of Luke and the eagle of John), as well as abstract spirals, labyrinths and knots. The viewer can now experience the wild and visionary character of these images in a bold and eye-catching new way-thanks to this sensitive and skillful translation into stencil format by Co Spinhoven.