Zodiac: Sagittarius

Zodiac Astrology Signs in a Microsite on Granite Bay Graphic Design


Zodiac Astrology Signs in a Microsite on Granite Bay Graphic Design

Zodiac | Sagittarius

November 22 — December 21

Astrology on Granite Bay Graphic Design: Zodiac and Constellations

“Astrology is like any other superstition: It has no power unless people allow it to direct their lives.”

Bill Myers

Signs of the Zodiac on Granite Bay Graphic Design: Sagittarius

Signs of the Zodiac Constellations: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a mutable, masculine fire sign, ruled by Jupiter and associated with the Ninth House of exploration, long-distance travel, philosophy, law, and spirituality. The wildfire nature of Sagittarius is thanks to its mutable fieriness. Sagittarius tends to be an expressive, jolly sign with a booming presence. Larger than life, Sagittarius’s planetary ruler, Jupiter, often gifts this sign with excessive tendencies and an abundance of luck. Much like the Centaur, Sagittarius brazenly explores unknown territory. At times, this sign can be a tad much, from opinions on politics to exorbitant vices. But Sagittarius tends to shine as the perfect travel buddy, debate partner, and mischief-maker.*

The meaning of the sign is taken directly from astrology.com
The image above is a Mexican Calendar Stone.” The images come from a variety of sources. The large engravings at the top of the pages were my inspiration for these pages. They are scanned from the book “Symbols Signs and Signets” by Ernst Lehner.