Artwork from Ancient Ecuador Group B

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Artwork from Ancient Ecuador–Group B

Bead Artwork from Ancient Ecuador: Granite Bay Graphic Design–Group B

Top: Masked Hunters with Game Bags. Bottom: Masked People Conversing.

A Brief History of Ecuador

Formative Period: 4,000 B.C. – 300 B.C.

Large colonies started to emerge in the Amazon jungle during the Formative period. Ancient tribes relied heavily on the cultivation of a starchy plant known as manioc, which is still consumed in Ecuador today. Archeologists have discovered pottery in the jungle dating back to 4,000 B.C. It’s difficult to know what kind of civilizations flourished at the time, because so much has been buried under dense jungle growth.*

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*A Brief History of Ecuador is from Anywhere Ecuador. The Images: All images and descriptions are taken from the book “Indian Designs from Ancient Ecuador” by Frederick W. Shafer. Learn more about the book here. Artwork Colors: The artwork has been colorized by Granite Bay Design from the original black and white versions. What the Artwork Shows: The wide bands above show the bead artwork flattened out. Next to that is what the bead looks like with the pattern applied. Finally, there is a small circle containing a black and white version of the bead at actual size. About the Author: The author of the book, Frederick W. Shaffer, took great care in reproducing the artwork as it was originally rendered. Learn more about that here.