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Welcome to Granite Bay Design’s Microsites

Welcome. What is a MicroSite? Basically, it’s a small website (a sub-section of that’s centered around a set of graphics which is centered around a theme. Almost all of the graphics are images that I scanned from clip art books I’ve had for more than three decades. In the pre-computer days, we would use these books as resources for imagery that we’d cut and paste into layouts.

Out of maybe 80 books, there have been several that I’ve really liked but have had little opportunity to use for anything creative. At some point in early 2023, I started scanning some of the images and turning them into small galleries.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this creative process and I think most of them have turned out pretty well. I hope you enjoy them.

Please note: some of the microsites are works-in-progress and may not display properly, especially on mobile devices.

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