Japanese Crests Galleries and History


Family crests are an expressive form of Japanese heraldry. The family symbol of “Mondokoro” or “Mon” was used in Japan as early as 900 A.D.  Derived from ancient textile patterns, “Mondokoro” or “Mon” were used on everything that belongs to the family including their clothing.

“Mondokoro” or “Mon” Japanese Crests on Granite Bay Graphic Design

These woven or embroidered designs are worn on each garment in five places: one each sleeve, on each bread, and at the back of the neck. They are omitted only on wedding robes, mourning robes and hair-kari garments.

“Mondokoro” or “Mon” Japanese Crests on Granite Bay Graphic Design

The subjects of “Mondokoro” or “Mon” are unlimited: animals, birds, insects, flowers, vegetables, armor, tools and many, many other objects of daily life. They are always executed with the subtle feeling for line and space that is so characteristic of the Japanese artist.

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