Celtic Stencil Design—New D “Stretch Your Coat Over My Madness”

“…stretch your cloak over my madness…”


Ní fhaghaim ógh ar a gruaidhse

gan a guidhe

go síntear brat ar mo bhuile

ó Mhac Muire.

Brighid Éireann agus Alban

ógh na n-oiléan

is í an blath braoingheal na mbanóg

caoilthreabh [coiréal].

Athrachta fhóireas na Luighnigh

lór a déine

is í an bhanóg bhoinnfhionn Bhúille*

coinneall chéire.


In a cloak, that bright breast of yours–

The virgin with her cheeks will not be found

without my suit;

stretch your cloak over my madness,

son of Mary.*

Brigid of Ireland and Scotland,

the virgin of the islands—

she is the misty-bright flower of the young women,


Athrachta, helper of Limerick—

speedy enough

is the white-soled young woman of the Boyle,

wax candle.

Celtic Stencil by Co Spinhoven on Granite Bay Graphic Design

* An excerpt from a longer poem. Stencils are rendered by Dutch artist Co Sinhoven and are his modern interpretation of “The Book of Kells.” All of this artwork is in the public domain. Learn more about the artist here.