Antelope (Portfolio Item)

“It is curious how there seems to be an instinctive disgust in Man for his nearest ancestors and relations. If only Darwin could conscientiously have traced man back to the elephant or the lion or the antelope, how much ridicule and prejudice would have been spared to the doctrine of Evolution.”

Havelock Ellis


“The English word ‘antelope’ first appeared in 1417 and is derived from the Old French antelop, itself derived from Medieval Latin ant(h)alopus, which in turn comes from the Byzantine Greek word ἀνθόλοψ, anthólops, first attested in Eustathius of Antioch (c. 336), according to whom it was a fabulous animal ‘haunting the banks of the Euphrates, very savage, hard to catch and having long, saw-like horns capable of cutting down trees’”.

From Wikipedia

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