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Architecture Column on a Granite Bay Graphic Design MicrositeArchitecture Highlights: A GBD Microsite

“Good architecture is like a good therapy session, a good marriage, a good poem – gently and almost invisibly allowing you to be you, as flawed and as beautiful as you are.”

Robert Sullivan

Architectural Elements Gallery on Granite Bay Graphic Design
1800 x 10 Transparent Bar

Above: Various pavilions, left to right: A solution to make the second story dominant; Corners treated with superimposed orders, gables, dormers and cupolas.


A small structure projecting above a roof that provides ventilation and can serve as a “look-out.


A small structure that projects from a sloping roof, with a window in the facade face.


The wall that encloses the end of a gable roof; triangular gable end below a roof overhand.


A certain assemblage of parts subject to uniform established proportions, regulated by the office that each part has to perform.