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Architecture Column on a Granite Bay Graphic Design MicrositeArchitecture Highlights: A GBD Microsite

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.”

Norman Foster

Architectural Elements Gallery on Granite Bay Graphic Design

Above, starting in upper left: 1. Painted medallions, arabesques and bands. 2. Examples with diamond shaped central panels and circular and rectangle outer panel. 3. Motives with a cruciform central panel and variously shaped side and border panels. 4. Examples of a star-shaped central motive with side paneling. 5. Border motives with square central panels subdivided. 6. Grouped panel compositions.


A style of decoration characterized by intertwining plants and abstract curvilinear motifs.


The plan of most medieval Gothic churches is in the form of the Latin cross or “cruciform.” This means the body of the building is made up of a long nave that runs on an East-West axis crossed with the transept, and then with the choir, chancel, or presbytery, all referred to as the aspe, extended beyond that.


Structural or decorative designs and repeating patterns found in the construction of buildings.