Celtic Stencil Design I–“At the Loop Towards the Dannans’ Waterfall”

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“…Where You Stretch Toward the Sea…”


Ag dol tar Eas nDanainne

nocha nféadthar do chuibhreach;

is ann do-ní an ramhaille,

ag dola láimh ré Luimneach.

Ó Luimneach an mhearsháile

go dtéighe i nInis Cathaigh

láimh ré port ar Seanáinne,

caidhe th’imtheacht ‘na dheaghaidh.

Fa imlibh ar bhfearainne

meinic théighe in gach ionam,

ar ais tar Eas nDanainne,

ag dul san bhfairrge, a Shionann.


At the loop towards the Danaans’ Waterfall

you may not overflow your shackles;

there you go the more slowly

at departure, you touch near Limerick.

From Limerick, quick and easy

to reach into Scattery Island,

touch near our Seanan’s harbor,

holy the great approach afterwards.

You were bordered by lands

often going into each,

back towards the Danaans’ Waterfall,

at departure into waiting, oh Shannon.

Stencils are rendered by Dutch artist Co Sinhoven and are his modern interpretation of “The Book of Kells.” All of this artwork is in the public domain. Learn more about the artist here.