Celtic Stencil M—“In the Shape of Her Curved Eyes”

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“…in the shape of her curved eyes…”

Celtic Stencil by Co Spinhoven on Granite Bay Graphic Design


Snuadh na suibhe [is] samhradh gréine

‘n-a gruaidh chorcha,

iomdha glún as a fréimh feactha

‘n-a céibh choptha.

Ar deilbh corrshúl Caitreach-fíona

nír cínn Gréigbean,

súil chorr nachar fhéagh ar óigfhear

béal donn déidgheal.

Gnúis mar abhaill, ucht mar eala

ógh nar truailleadh,

nír ghile clúimh ná a bas bháingheal

súil ghlas ghruaidhgheal.


Berry’s color and sun’s garland

in crimson cheeks

many a knee bending from the source

in tufted locks.

In the shape of her curved eyes, Catherine

is not surpassed by Greek women.

Curved eyes do not look at a young man

bright-toothed dark mouth.

Face like an apple, breast like a swan,

a virgin not violated.

Down is not brighter than her shining white hand

green eyes, bright cheeks.

* An excerpt from a longer poem. Stencils are rendered by Dutch artist Co Sinhoven and are his modern interpretation of “The Book of Kells.” All of this artwork is in the public domain. Learn more about the artist here.