Celtic Stencil E “Putting New Life Into My Spirit” (Harpist)

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“…putting new life into my spirit…”

Celtic Stencil by Co Spinhoven on Granite Bay Graphic Design


Ionmhuin sgríbhionn sgaoiltear sunn,

mór mbeadhgadh do bhean asam;

saor, a Dhé, ar aithleónadh inn!

aithbheódhadh é dhom inntinn.

Dá mairdís a bhfaca féin

d’uaislibh Gaoidhiol Guirt ríghNéill,

do bheith fáth faoilti don dreim

i dtráth sgaoilti don sgríbheinn.

An oidhche tánuig tar tuinn,

bíodh nách biadh ‘na Ua Domhnaill

díol é gách moirne da mhéad, bíodh ar an

gCoimdhe a choimhéad!


Dear little one, a piece of loose-tongued writing here

surprised great starts out of me—

“We’re free, God, from another hurt for

us!” putting new life into him (my spirit).

If I myself remain to see

you ennobling the Gael-field of King Niall,

the graceful reason will be your striving —

your piece of writing in the time of flexible limbs.

The evening’s end toward the wave—

[Even] if it were that you weren’t O’Donnell—

he is worthy of all love, however much—

may the Lord protect him until the meeting!

1800 x 10 Transparent Bar

* An excerpt from a longer poem. Stencils are rendered by Dutch artist Co Sinhoven and are his modern interpretation of “The Book of Kells.” All of this artwork is in the public domain. Learn more about the artist here.