Celtic Stencil J “Neither Gold Nor Horses Will Be More Numerous”

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“…neither gold nor horses will be more numerous…”

Long, Intertwined Animals: Celtic Stencils by Co Spinhoven on Granite Bay Graphic Design


Moladh daoine is dó is moladh

an neach do-ní a gcruthoghadh;

ní bhí ar domhan ag duine

ní acht moladh a mhíorbhuile.

Gémadh bréag do bhiadh san duain,

is bréag bhuan ar bhréig dhiombuain;

breag uile gidh créad an chrodh,

bréag an duine da meantar.

Ní ba liaide ír ná each

ag duine dámadh doichleach;

gan sbéis i nduain ar domhan

dá mbuaibh ní ba buanughadh.

Dá mbáidhthó an dán, a dhaoine,

gan seanchas, gan seanlaoidhe,

go bráth, acht athair gach fhir,

rachaidh cách gan a chluinsin.


Praise of people, and you, is praise

of the Spirit that does the creating;

There is not one person in the world

that does not praise its marvels.

Even if it’s false, from being in a song,

it is a permanent falseness, not one that passes.

All is false, even cattle-riches;

the person is false, however complete.

Neither gold nor horses will be more numerous

for a person who does harm churlishly —

without interest in a poem in the world

if it isn’t breeding cattle.

If the Art is rejected, people —

Without history, without old lays,

forever even the father of all men

will go raiding without anyone hearing.

1800 x 10 Transparent Bar

* An excerpt from a longer poem. Stencils are rendered by Dutch artist Co Sinhoven and are his modern interpretation of “The Book of Kells.” All of this artwork is in the public domain. Learn more about the artist here.