Historic Alphabet Selections Group Y

A GRANITE BAY Historic Initial Alphabet Letter for Granite Bay Graphic Design Microsite DESIGN MICROSITE

Historic Alphabet Selections Group Y

Historic Alphabets on the Granite Bay Graphic Design Website

“Most people have no idea how much goes into designing a typeface. Twenty-six letters in the alphabet, usually with two versions of each, upper and lower case. Punctuation and alternate characters and numbers – let’s not forget numbers – can add another 40 or so.”

Michael Bierut

Alphabet Above: Seventeenth Century. Portugal.

Artwork above was scanned from the book “Historic Alphabets & Initials Woodcut & Ornamental” Edited by Carol Belanger Grafton. The book artwork is all in black and white. Colors applied by Granite Bay Design. Click any gallery image below to go to see that artwork.