Wayfinding Design & Guidelines

Wayfinding Project

Quinnipiac University Campus-Wide Wayfinding/Signage Overhaul by Granite Bay Graphic Design

Granite Bay Design was tasked with developing all of the new wayfinding for Quinnipiac University’s rapidly expanding campus and replacing existing signage that didn’t conform to any design standards. As I got deeper into the process, the scope of my graphic design tasks increased dramatically to eventually include campus-wide solutions to add new signage and replace much of the existing signage. All of this required weekly meetings with campus personnel including their in-house graphic designer.

A highly detailed overview of each type of sign, can be found here:
Quinnipiac University Signage/Wayfinding Guides: The Crescent
Quinnipiac University Signage/Wayfinding Guides: Campus-Wide
ADA Compliance: Quinnipiac University Signage/Wayfinding
Quinnipiac University Exterior Brick-Based Building Identity Signs
Quinnipiac University Signage/Wayfinding Guides: Directories
Font Pairing for Quinnipiac University Signage/Wayfinding

Extremely detailed descriptions and galleries can be found using the links above. The gallery below is a general overview of all types of wayfinding that was part of Granite Bay Design’s campus-wide overhaul.

Wayfinding Design & Complete Specification Manuals: Paul Kazmercyk | Client: Quinnipiac University

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