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“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”


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FACTS ABOUT VISION: A Blink Lasts 1/10th of a Second

Blinks seem so fast that it’s hard to imagine measuring their speed. But, scientists have. Each blink actually lasts an average of 1/10th of a second. That may not seem like much. But when you consider just how many times a person blinks each day, you see just how much it adds up. The average person blinks between 15 and 20 times a minute, up to 1,200 times an hour, and up to 28,000 times a day. That’s a lot of blinking! Before you try blasting out 10 blinks in a single second, you should know that the max is actually 5 blinks per second. [A]


by Ignacio López-Calvo, University of Arizona Press, 2013

In The Affinity of the Eye: Writing Nikkei in Peru, Ignacio López-Calvo rises above the political emergence of the Fujimori phenomenon and uses politics and literature to provide one of the first comprehensive looks at how the Japanese assimilated and inserted themselves into Peruvian culture. Through contemporary writers’ testimonies, essays, fiction, and poetry, López-Calvo constructs an account of the cultural formation of Japanese migrant communities. With deftly sensitive interviews and comments, he portrays the difficulties of being a Japanese Peruvian. Despite a few notable examples, Asian Peruvians have been excluded from a sense of belonging or national identity in Peru, which provides López-Calvo with the opportunity to record what the community says about their own cultural production. In so doing, López-Calvo challenges fixed notions of Japanese Peruvian identity. [B]

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[A] The facts above are from the Magruder Eye Institute.
[B] The books noted are from a list by BiblioVault.

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