Vision Series 9: The Bridge

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“Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality.”

Daisaku Ikeda Berry

FACTS ABOUT VISION: An Iris Has More than 256 Unique Characteristics

You likely already know that your fingerprints are incredibly unique. But did you know that your irises are even more so? Your iris has more than 256 unique characteristics. As a result, eye scanning systems are some of the best security features available today. [A]

BOOKS ABOUT EYES: “Eye on the Future”

by Marilyn F. Motz, University of Wisconsin Press, 1994

This collection includes essays by scholars from around the world and five of Ray Browne’s essays which he considers signal. The purpose of this book is to chart Popular Culture Studies into the next century. [B]

[A] The facts above are from the Magruder Eye Institute.
[B] The books noted are from a list by BiblioVault.

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