Vision Series 11: The Solar System

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“If we knew exactly what to expect throughout the Solar System, we would have no reason to explore it.”

Poul Anderson

FACTS ABOUT VISION: The Eye Has Blind Spots

Where your optic nerve connects to your retina, your eyes actually have a blind spot. This would cause a hole in your vision. But if you’re thinking you’ve never noticed a blind spot before, that’s because you haven’t. Each eye works to fill in the gap in the vision of the other eye, so it goes completely unnoticed by us. While your eyes work perfectly together to fill in these holes in our vision, believe it or not, one of your eyes is at least slightly stronger than the other. [A]

BOOKS ABOUT EYES: “Eye to the Sky: Storytelling on the Edge of Magic”

by Bobby Norfolk, Pankhurst Brothers, Inc., 2016

Nobody knows how to tell a story like Bobby Norfolk, and here he tells his own life story. Norfolk grew up in hardscrabble neighborhoods of Saint Louis, Missouri, during the 1950s and 60s, sometimes walking to elementary school from an apartment his parents could not afford to heat. Lifting himself up by force of will and God-given talent, Norfolk defeated a childhood stutter to become a high school dramatist and later an exceptional college student. The path was never easy—and often frightening. With men of color being killed all-too-frequently in America, Norfolk sought a personal identity based upon talent and hard work, but also upon where safety and justice might be found. He tells these stories—some heartwarming or humorous, some frightful and treacherous—honestly, with a graceful mindfulness that all would do well to emulate. [B]

[A] The facts above are from the Magruder Eye Institute.
[B] The books noted are from a list by BiblioVault.

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